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Adult Psychiatry Services

Tailored Care for Diverse Mental Health Conditions

Our Adult Psychiatry Services cater to individuals grappling with a broad spectrum of mental health conditions including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • OCD
  • Autism
  • Hypomania
  • Bipolar Disorder

Through appropriate psychiatric care, patients have achieved balance, productivity, and peace in their lives.

Your Mental Health Doesn’t Have To Run Your Life

We believe no mental health affliction is too mild to overlook. Many patients are pleasantly surprised to discover they need not endure perpetual states of anxiety, sadness, or stress. Recognizing the profound interconnectedness of body, mind, and emotions, we understand that mental wellness significantly impacts physical health, relationships, career, and financial stability, leading to enhanced vitality and overall improvement in every aspect of life.

While our practice encompasses a wide array of psychiatric conditions, if following our initial consultation, we ascertain that we are not the ideal fit for your needs, we pledge to assist you in finding a more suitable healthcare provider.

Our Approach

Our providers specialize in psychopharmacology, employing a “less is more” approach to medication while meticulously evaluating risks, benefits, and safety. Should we collectively determine that psychopharmacology is the optimal treatment path, we provide vigilant medication monitoring. We remain committed to ensuring your treatment aligns with evidence-based practices and recent advancements in the ever-evolving field of medicine.

Our approach to assessing and treating adults is characterized by its comprehensiveness, compassion, and individualization. We invest time in understanding your unique circumstances, discerning both positive aspects and areas for improvement in your life. We conduct thorough reviews of your medical and personal histories, including prior psychiatric treatments, significant life events, current and past medications, and developmental and family backgrounds. Collaborating with your other healthcare providers, such as primary care physicians, psychotherapists, and specialists, ensures we have a holistic understanding and all the necessary information to aid you in achieving your mental health goals.

I came to Dr. D. at a critical point in my life. He took the time to listen and ask questions, and he validated my responses. He’s been in my corner for all the years that I’ve seen him. I always had a sense of serenity when I walked into his office. He is a gentle and caring soul—a man of great wisdom and I am grateful for his help.
Dr. Dholakia is the greatest psychiatrist I have ever seen in my life. He listened to every word that I said and paid very close attention to my side affects from the medications I was on.
It took me years to find a doctor who understood me. Before seeing Dr. D., I had been unable to leave my house. I couldn’t deal with everyday life. My life has truly turned around under Dr. D.’s care.